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My Predictions for 2007

It's almost the end of the year and a fun thing to do at that time is to predict what will happen next year. Actually, I read this list of predictions and thought, I'll give it a shot as well. I will try to keep it "positive", i.e. not mention what I think will not make it in 2007. So here we go:
The uptake of RoR will continue. JRuby will make a diffenrence and will allow RoR to make its way into the enterprises. Similar frameworks in other dynamic languages will rather help RoR than take away from it (Django, Grails, etc) because they will only increase the overall interest in dynamic languages.
REST will become mainstream in the sense that it will not be considered the poor little relative of SOAP anymore, but a viable alternative even for the enterprisey guys.
Macs will continue to lead the pack in terms of innovation on the desktop.
Location-based services have a chance to grow a lot. I expect a technology mish-mash of GPS, RFID, bar code readers on camera phones, e…