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Jazoon talk on "Scalable Agile Web Development"

On Thursday, I will give a talk at the Jazoon conference in Zurich. It will be about Apache Sling, the web framework for content-centric applications. The agenda is:

Scalable Agile Web Development: REST meets JCR meets OSGI

This session is a very hands-on lab that shows how a real web application is developed from scratch in a very agile fashion leveraging a heavy-weight enterprise ready back-end yet allowing for unprecedented agility in development in building rest-style web applications. Thinking of a classic j2ee stack this may sound like a contradiction.

Agility of development begins with the amount of tooling and setup we need to get started, so expect to see the entire walk-through from installation of the server software to the development of a complete application within the time constraints of the session.

(1) Web architecture, think outside the box.
(2) Meet: apache sling.
(3) Building a real-life webapp from scratch.

The full conference agenda is here. I shall also help Mic…