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Colayer's approach to collaboration software

Chances are you have not heard of Colayer, a Swiss-Indian company producing a SaaS-based collaboration software. I did a small project with the guys, that is how I got to know. When I first saw their product I immediately thought the guys are onto something good, so it is worthwhile to share a bit of their application concepts. They follow an approach I have not seen anywhere else.

On first look Colayer seems to be a mixture between wikis and forums: the logical data structure resembles a hierarchical web-based forum and the forum entries are editable and versioned like in a wiki. But there is more: presence and real-time. All users that are currently logged in are visible and one can have real-time chats within the context of the page one is in or see updates to the page in real-time (similar as in Google Docs). These chats are treated as atomic page elements (called sems in Colayer parlance) just like the forum entries or other texts. Through this mechanism, all communication around …

Found out about FlexEvent.UPDATE_COMPLETE

Here is a small bit about the asynchronous nature of the Flex layout mechanisms that I learned while slapping together a presales demo yesterday:

When changing properties of UIComponents listen for FlexEvent.UPDATE_COMPLETE events. They get fired when the change is actually done. In my case I needed to get the textWidth of a Label after changing the label text. Right after calling the setter of text the getter of textWidth will still return the old value.

[Some background reading]