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Wrangling with GMail

OK, here's a rant:

10 years of Google. And it's beginning to treat its customers(*) like MS. Today, I wanted to mail myself(!) a zip file as a backup. Gmail wouldn't let me, though, because the zip contained "an executable,... blah, security". Well, yes, there was a .bat in the zip. But this sure reminded me of long-gone days when my employers forced me to use Outlook (which did not not allow to open received executables unless you really really wanted to and hacked the registry). When will we see a GMail Clippy?

Btw: if you ever wondered what happened to MS's Clippy:


(*) yes, I am a paying customer. I bought storage space.

Finally, Outlook makes sense

Ever got an email from an Outlook user only to get an "email recalled" message afterwards (cf. Eternal September)? I just found out out that this is just a elaborate way of grabbing your attention. Hmm, I should do a Thunderbird plugin that sends fake recall mails...

(this is from: