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Second FISE Hackathon

At this week's IKS meeting at Paderborn the second FISEHackathon took place. FISE is an open source semantic engine that provides semantic annotation algorithms like semantic lifting. The actual annotation algorithms are pluggable through OSGi. Existing CMSs can integrate the engine through an HTTP interface (inspired from Solr). Last week, Bertrand gave an introductory talk about FISE that is available online.

There was no explicitly set goal for the second Hackathon. Rather, the existing code base was extended in various different directions. Some examples:
a language detection enhancement engine (I am particularly glad to see this - automatic language detection in CMSs is a pet passion of mine)
a UI for FISE users that allows humans to resolve ambiguities
myself, I coded a JCR-based storage engine for the content and annotations
There was also a good amount of work done on the annotation structure used by FISE and documented on the IKS wiki.
A complete report of the Hackathon is avai…