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What is Multi-Tenancy? A closer look

Lately, I had a lot of conversations about multi-tenancy (MT). So I finally wrote up my thoughts on that term.

In this post I will argue that
MT is a value that depends on a continuous variable. Therefore, any statement about a system being “MT” can only be made in the context of the given requirements. It is not a property of the system itself.I will also show that perfect multi-tenancy is indistinguishable from single-tenancy (ST). MT is a value that depends on a continuous variable Imagine a step-function "ST-MT" (values are either 0 or 1) that determines if a given system is MT (1) or ST (0). That function will look like this:

ST-MT = function(system, business requirements)

Look at  the function’s arguments: the first one is obvious – the result will depend on the system itself.
The second one is more interesting: it is the cumulative set of business requirements. Typically, these requirements will include:
Resource sharing: systems typically declared as being MT share so…