Tuesday, April 28, 2009

minimeme.org says: Hello world!

Today, I am happy to announce that minimeme.org is finally "officially" going live. minimeme is a news aggregator focused on tech and software development news.

minimeme was born out of a personal frustration of mine: each morning I would skim through my feed reader only to find the relevant items twice or more times. On the other hand the signal to noise ratio of many feeds was way too low. I felt like a machine trying to retrieve the important items. So I decided to build a machine to do that for me.

There is no human intervention in the news selection - it is all done in a bias-free, neutral algorithm. Hence there is the claim "little Switzerland of tech news", minimeme is supposed to be neutral like Switzerland.

Having tested the algorithm for a couple of months I believe minimeme is now stable enough to be officially let loose. On top of the two currently implemented sections "dev" (feed) and "valley" (feed) there is a Twitter account you might like to follow. "dev" covers software development aspects from Ruby to CSS to REST. In the "valley" section you will find news from Google to startups to gadgets.

For the future I plan to add other topics as well as look into some recommendation algorithms. Let me now on the feedback forum which features you would like to see.

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